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Saturday, December 24, 2011


A stable is graced, and angels sing,
shepherds arise as they hear the skies ring.

Young Mary delights; her babe is so fair!
Faithful Joseph stands watch, guarding the pair.

Bethlehem rests in quiet so deep;
The newly-born Jesus enjoys blissful sleep

Wise men travel far, in holy sojourn,
Their path unfamiliar; what will they learn?

May we travel too, in heart and in mind,
Seeking that child, our Savior to find.

May God’s love fill our being, peace in us abide.
And the meaning of Christmas forever reside

In our hearts, as we seek to follow our Lord,
And may Christ, our Redeemer, be always adored!

                                                                                      ©Cynthia J. Hallas

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