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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Come and See!" A New Hymn Text

Having looked for a hymn specific to the the gospel for 2 Epiphany (Year B), and finding none in the usual sources, I wrote one myself. It fits any tune with the meter 87 87 D; we're using Nettleton (Come Thou Fount of Ev'ry Blessing) in my parish on Sunday.

1.      When the Baptist saw the Savior
“Lamb of God!” he testified.
His disciples turned to Jesus,
“Teacher, where do you abide?”
“Come and see,” our dear Lord answered;
 “Come and see where faith is found. 
So they went and followed after,                                
Stayed to learn God’s truth profound.                        

2.       Andrew found his brother Simon
“Come with us, the Christ is here!”
Jesus said, “I name you Peter,
Rock of my Church, faith sincere.”
Philip brought his friend Nathanael.
“He is with us! Come and see
Jesus whom the prophets spoke of
Here with us in Galilee.”

3.      Jesus called this son of Israel,
Full of truth and honesty:
“Seeing you beneath the fig tree,
I knew you would follow me.”
“Son of God and King of Israel!”
Cried Nathanael with delight.
“Greater things than this,” said Jesus,
“Will appear before your sight!”

4.      Jesus, may we seek and find you,
May we be where you abide,
And to seek the world’s salvation,
Spread the gospel far and wide.
“Come and see!” Lord, you invite us
To the truth sent from above.
“Come and see!” May we bring others
To your mercy, grace, and love!
                                                -Cynthia J. Hallas

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