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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Healing Hymn for Advent

In my parish we do the healing rite (anointing, laying-on-of-hands, prayers) on the third Sunday of each month; this month that coincides with the Fourth Sunday of Advent. I was looking for an Advent-themed healing hymn. Finding none, I wrote my own text, adapting "Savior of the Nations" (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland ).

Healer of the Nations

Healer of the nations, draw near, 
show’r us with your presence here.
Bring your Spirit’s healing touch, 
balm to those who suffer much.

In your birth our human form
was with God’s own grace adorned.
Mortal flesh you did not loath. 
As your creatures, you were clothed.

In your life, you healed the sick,
and cast out the demon’s trick.
You raised back to life again
those whom death had sought to claim.

In your death you suffered sore,
taunted, flogged, the cross you bore. 
Yet the tomb could not contain
God’s Salvation, now made plain.

Lord, who knew our grief and pain:
raise us to new life again. 
Heal, renew, revive, restore.
Be our comfort evermore.

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