A priest and performer considers religion, the arts, and the often thin space between sacred and secular, church and culture, pulpit and pew.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Parable of the Snowflakes

It began to snow.

And some of the flakes fell in the river, whose still swiftly-moving current melted them immediately, incorporating them back into their source.

Some fell on sidewalks and driveways, where they achieved a certain level of accumulation until snowplows, shovels, blowers, and salt shoved, brushed, and melted them away; or stomping feet packed them into treacherous icy masses.

Some landed on streets, where vehicles quickly smashed them flat, or created ruts, or combined them with exhaust fumes to make gray, ugly slush.

But some snowflakes fell on the soft grass of yards, fields, and parks, where layers of white fluffiness delighted the eye and where the playful, young and old, enjoyed winter sports and built and adorned snow figures.