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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Hymn Text, for the Holy Trinity

Loving Creator, our source and our end,
Ruling eternity, close as a friend,
Author, Inventor, your image we bear:
Nearer we’re drawn to you with each act of prayer.

Jesus our Savior, you took human form,
Born in humility, risking our harm:
Be our example in all that we do.
Lead us to imitate your way good and true.

Life-giving Spirit, protector and guide,
Gift to God’s people, be e’er at our side,
Leading, inspiring the Church on our way,
God’s presence with us as we live day by day.

Trinity blessed, the great Three in One:
Father most holy, with your risen Son,
Joined with the Spirit, in union we see
Proof of your love for us, adored One in Three.

Tune: Slane
                                                           ©Cynthia J. Hallas

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